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Our aim is to provide you with high quality education and up-to-the-minute Crypto market insights. Allowing you to trade like a professional. Take the guesswork out of the equation and put the power of knowledge into every trade.

Our Ultimate Crypto Trading Courses and Subscriptions

Crypto Commandments

The most comprehensive Crypto Traders Training course available anywhere. Learn how to trade like a Professional, from the basics  to advanced trade setups.

Crypto Bootcamp

From Zero to Hero. This beginners course lays out the foundation of trading, as well as shows you the rules professional traders use to maximize their profit

Smoking Signal Room

Receive around the clock trading signals! We put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Our smoking signals have you covered. Let’s push our winners!

Bitcoin Bubble Lounge

Daily Live Streamed video showing you how a professional trades, step by step, 100% live. Watch a full-time trader work his magic.

Fundamental Firepit

Trading on News or Facebook? Our team of Crypto researchers keep you up to date with the latest insights, analysis and news in the world of Crypto.

TCL VIP Packages

Trade Crypto Live offers Special VIP Subscription Packages where you get access to all of our products for one monthly price. Click on the link below for more info.

What People Are Saying About Trade Crypto Live

I guarantee if you take it seriously and take advantage of all the content that is given to you, you will like it, you will learn a lot and you sure as hell won't be sorry. I know i am not!

Denis P

Even if you're experienced in TA, you WILL LEARN NEW STUFF. Scott calls it like it is and helps you understand the moves being made than just numbers on a chart.

Josh G

It's simply amazing to have found Scott among all the other voices in this crypto wilderness. This group is priceless. The knowledge that Scott and the admins are sharing is well worth it!


Totally indebted, I’m am ready for the next Xmas rally. His training and group are awesome! Thanks Scott from the bottom of my heart, crypto for dreams, the next drink is for you!

Paul B

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