The crypto market is constantly changing and overflowing with information. Trying to keep up with it all can be difficult, especially for those who have responsibilities and obligations outside of crypto. In the Bitcoin Bubble Lounge we do LIVE, in-depth technical and fundamental analysis on your favorite coins five nights a week to keep you caught up and in the know. You can watch us live Sunday through Thursday, or, because we record and keep every session, you can watch when it’s convenient for you.

Experience Analysis

A team of full-time traders with a track record of 15+ years of successful trading have come together to create Trade Crypto Live. The Bitcoin Bubble Lounge covers the technical and fundamental information professional traders use to make decisions on what coins they wish to invest in and what moves they want to trade.

24/7 Access

Bitcoin Bubble Lounge is held five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, starting at 8PM EST. We understand life doesn’t stop just because crypto is making moves. That’s why we record and upload each Bubble Lounge session immediately after it ends so you can access it when it is easiest for you. The news you want, when you want it.

Live Interaction

At Trade Crypto Live we pride ourselves on creating a personal relationship with our members. We are constantly interacting with our members and listening to your requests. Each week we cover the coins that you show interest in by pointing out key entry events and moves. We address your technical AND fundamental questions.

Bonus Access

When you sign up for TCL’s Bitcoin Bubble Lounge you will also gain access to our Fundamental Firepit. You will have 50+ complete coin profiles at your access, whenever you need them. Each profile covers everything from a coins launch and current price actions to an analysis of their team and latest news on the coin.

Let Experienced Traders Break Down The Market For You

Trade Crypto Live has always gone against the grain of traditional crypto trading companies. We don’t believe in hype or FOMO, and neither should you. We believe in charts and verified news when it comes to trading crypto. We show you our analysis of the crypto market in real time in order to help you make an educated decision when it comes to your next investment. It’s time to step up your trading with professional analysis from the Bitcoin Bubble Lounge!


  • 5 Nights / Week
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Latest News
  • Weekly Polls
  • User questions answered
  • Recorded for convenient access

Why Trade Crypto Live?

We show you exactly what we are looking at in the charts, live! We back our trades with in-depth chart analysis and live market updates. Our team has 15+ years in successful trading.

Our team members are from all over the world, with expertise in everything from blockchain tech & ICOs to exchanges and advanced trade setups. We are here for you 24/7 for questions and support.

We track, monitor and chart the crypto market for you while you learn about crypto. We explain each step we take and answer member questions support  until you fully understand it.

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