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142,757,860.00 ARK


Nothing earth shattering in the cryptosphere at the moment. Check back soon!


DPOS – Delegated Proof of Stake.  Think of DPoS as a representative democracy where individual users utilize their stakes in order to nominate delegates to serve on their behalf. These delegates are then responsible for validating transactions and securing the ARK network.


ARK provides an all-in-one blockchain solution with innovative technologies. They aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked side chains as a virtual spiderweb of endless use cases. This will make ARK highly flexible, adaptable and scalable. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption to meet the needs of customers and developers alike.

Developers, startups and general consumers



Whitepaper Summary

As with so many whitepapers from 2016, the ARK whitepaper is more like a PR document than a project plan. It explains the concepts very well and the vision is laid out in detail with case studies and big plans, however, none of it was implemented during the time the whitepaper outlined. This is why the text is full of “might be used”, “should be possible” and the like.

Problem Solved

PROBLEM SOLVED: ARK has one of the fastest networks in the industry with an 8 second block time. The delegated proof of stake model leaves a specific number of delegates tasked with running the network through their custom built smart bridge function with which they can offload any non-essential functions to hundreds of sidechains, which allows for greater scalability while maintaining the speed of the network.

Competitive Edge

COMPETITIVE EDGE: Unlike ETH and LSK, ARK is not just a developer platform or restricted on one blockchain. ARK is an integrative platform which means that it will link all blockchains with all their different advantages. Of course, ARK development platform will allow for more applications to be developed alongside integration of all existing ones. It also helps that it is open sourced.

Development Roadmap

They have total of 13 incomplete projects and 5 completed ones.

Formation of Business Entity. IE, Foundation.
First Iteration of SmartBridge (use case). (Encoded Listener)
Website Redesign
Explorer Redesign/Rebuild
Mobile Wallets

Outstanding (April 2018):
ARK CORE v2 – 64%
Technical Documentation – 25%
ARKVM. The ARK Virtual Machine integration – 70%
SmartBridge Partnerships – 10%
Alternative Development Implementation and Programming Languages. – 93%
Push Button Deployable Blockchains – 61%
Integration of Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). – 40%
Deployment of TestNet clones for start-ups. – 75%
SmartBridge Documentation and Instructional Videos – 20%
Integrating ARK as Payment for Merch Store – 25%
Development of Various Smart Card/NFC Materials. – 40%
NFC/Contactless Chip Wearable Devices and Hardware Wallets. – 82.5%
Point of Sale Hardware R&D – 15%

From this overview it is clear that they have their base of operation set, but they do not have the key components ready. They have a several in a high state of completion (over 80%), but most are below. Clearly a lot of work is still needed to deliver on the practical expectation of their vision


The ICO was run on November 7th, 2016 and ended on December 11th 2016. For participation, LSK or BTC could be exchanged for a stake in the ARK network. Other cryptocurrencies could be converted by using Shapeshift. LSK contributions were capped at 22 million LSK (22% of the Lisk supply). There was no cap on bitcoins or coins contributed through Shapeshift.

During their ICO launch, ARK’s plan was to release 20% of the funds from the escrow to the ARK development team within 24 hours after the conclusion of the token exchange. These initial funds were used to pay for corporate formation fees, early developer hiring, the organization of a legal team, and other business-related payments. The remaining was used to build the ARK network, develop Smart Bridge links with other blockchain networks, manufacture Smartcards, and promote ARK services.

State of the ARK token distribution during September was as follows:

Top Accounts:
Ark Team 21.25 MM, 16.51%
Bittrex 15.72 MM, 12.22%
Ark Shield 8.75 MM, 6.80%
Investors 82.95 MM, 64.47%
Total Supply: 128.67 MM, 100%

Voting Overview:

Total Votes: 74.16 MM /128.67 MM, 57,63 %
Total Votes (excluding Team and Bittrex): 74.16 MM / 81.65 MM 90.83 %
Number of Voters: 5635
Average Ark Balance per voter: 13,160 Ark

Distribution Key Figures –
Amount needed to be in top 100 accounts: 200k
Number of wallets with more than 10k: 730
Delegates with small holders (showing average voter balance): Listed on the website.

$998,000 USD

ICO Date & Price: Nov. 7th, 2016 – Dec 11th, 2016, 1 ARK = $0.01


Creators / Founders

Mike Doty
Managing Director / Co-Founder

Francois Xavier Thoorens
CTO / Co-Founder
Francois-Xavier was the former core developer of Lisk but has since moved onto a new project. Before that, Francois Xavier served as a scientific expert and advisor in various functions related to the European Commission.

Lars Rensing
CFO / Co-Founder

Core Development Team

The ARK Crew is a loosely knit group spread out worldwide.

Travis Walker
Board Member / Co-Founder

Rok Černec
Board Member / Co-Founder

Scott McPherson, MD
Board Member / Co-Founder

Matthew DC
Board Member / Co-Founder

Velislav Valkov
Network Architect / Co-Founder

Chin Song
Support Director / Co-Founder

Notable Advisors
Notable Investors

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

TRADE CRYPTO LIVE SENTIMENT: ARK is one of “those” projects. It’s team members are from all over the world, highly skilled, highly ambitious and the project has high promise. Working with international teams always takes longer and is more challenging than working with localized teams. ARK themselves admit that they have been experiencing lags in development (not in so many words, but loosely stated in an interview). This is however in many ways a positive note as they are overcoming those challenges and still making things happen. This only means that it will take a little while before ARK delivers as promised. The founders are aware of this as well, and that is why they say “we don’t give dates, we deliver”. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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