Dash (DASH)

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Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
8,995,049.19 DASH


Proof of Work 
HitBTC DASH/BTC $14,494,400 15%
Huobi DASH/USDT $11,547,800 12%
YoBit DASH/BTC $6,877,660 7%
DASH wants to expand on Bitcoin’s concept and provide currency for instant payments for everyday needs. Even in 2013/2014, BTC transactions for everyday spending were taking too long to confirm. Additionally, BTC transactions are part of the open source ledger with the entire history of every transaction permanently written and immutable on the ledger. DASH wants to do it faster and anonymously.
Dash is the first decentralised autonomous organisation powered by a Sybil proof decentralized governance and funding system. This means coming to consensus on proposed network changes and funding development of the Dash ecosystem. Ten percent of the block rewards go into this “treasury” in order to pay for projects that benefit DASH. Funding from the treasury system has been used to hire additional developers and other employees, to fund attendance at conferences, and to fund integrations with major exchanges and API providers.
DASH CEO Ryan Taylor, when interviewed, said “Dash allows you to remain anonymous while you make transactions, similar to cash.” That means that anybody who is using cash to buy things is potential user of DASH.
Litecoin(LTC), Monero(XMR), Bitcoin Cash(BCH)



Whitepaper Summary
With a well written and planned out whitepaper DASH brings a balance of technical and practical to adequately describe the technology and purpose.
Problem Solved
Traditionally, the solution for instant payment confirmation was to include third parties (card companies, etc) and allow them to take zero-confirmation transactions.

This is a centralised solution. DASH was created as a solution for the confirmation problem and wants to be a decentralized, strongly anonymous cryptocurrency with an instant confirmation time.

Differences from Competitors
DASH is similar in concept to Monero’s anonymity and Litecoin’s near instant payments. All involved are still battling with scalability issues and mass adoption did not happen because of a lack of awareness and utility. DASH wants to achieve it’s goal with what they call “DASH Evolution”.

This is basically, a scalability issue (transaction per second needed to sustain global commerce). There are also some concerns that DASH’s privacy solution is not as anonymous as it claims with arguments that it just another variation of BTC technology and that “DASH mixing is far from decentralized and it’s even worse than Sharedcoin.

When using Sharedcoin, the user is aware that he’s using a centralised system. When using DASH, everybody pretends it’s a private decentralized system, but in reality, it isn’t.”

Development Roadmap
DashPay Evolution Wallet LiveNet Release (February 2018)

Sign up and Friending Process Evolution on LiveNet
Evolution Account Management on LiveNet
DAPI LiveNet Release

13.0 – Evolution v1 – MainNet (June 2018)

Public DashPay, DAPI, DashDrive, DashCore v13.0 release
Fourth Hiring Wave – Full-time developers
500K daily-users supported 22

14.0 – Evolution v2 (TBD)

Fifth Hiring Wave – Full-time developers
5M daily-users supported

15.0 – Evolution v3 (TBD)

Sixth Hiring Wave – Full-time developers
50M daily-users supported

16+ – TBD

Complete end-to-end open source masternode hardware / with custom silicon for processing high volumes of payments and other information. Important for maintaining exploit free hardware systems.

Fully open source / ahead-of-curve solutions for ASIC creation, allowing fair distribution and removing proprietary individual investment which creates imbalances in mining hardware.

DASH has a very ambitious roadmap. They have some large goals, and organisation will be key, so having this kind of roadmap speaks to their ambitious nature. Each evolution should include more daily users, which should increase the DASH valuation. They have an impressive list of services and products already accepting DASH as a payment method, and presumably, with the increase of daily users that list will only increase.


No ICO but a message was released and later confirmed to be for DASH -Link


Creators / Founders
Ryan Taylor – CEO
Core Development Team
Andy Freer – CTO
UDJINM6 – Lead Developer
Holger Schinzel – Quality Assurance, Automation, Testing
Fernando Gutierrez – CMO
Robery Wiecko – Project Manager
Notable Advisors
Even Duffield – Strategy Advisor
Notable Investors

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

DASH is one of the older coins which attempted to solve the issues that BTC has, anonymity and speed. Price appreciation in one year is considerable and DASH nodes are extremely decentralized. If the community remains strong and the scalability issue is resolved, DASH could become digital cash.

The question is, will DASH achieve that and will it be as anonymous as they claim they are. In the present there are few options with the market cap of DASH but many offering similar or more speed and anonymity.

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