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Nothing earth shattering in the cryptosphere at the moment. Check back soon!


Ethereum consensus (currently proof of work, will be proof of stake later on).
Bancor Network
KIN is a social based payment for digital services.

Kin is the native cryptocurrency for the Kik social media platform. The aim of Kin is to enable a marketplace through which developers create goods and services that users consume over social media.

The primary economic incentive for existing social medial platforms is to monetize the attention of its customers, predominantly by selling advertising. Kin proposes that a decentralized network reduces the

incentive to advertise, and developers will build better products for consumers as a result.

Kin is being developed to serve as a cryptocurrency for users of social media.
Basic Attention Token(BAT), Clout(CLOUT)



Whitepaper Summary
Very professional whitepaper that provides clarity in what Kin Foundation aims to achieve and how they are going to achieve it. Thorough and well written.
Problem Solved
The purpose of Kin is to provide a unit of account that is cryptographically secure and facilitates micro-transactions for a range of goods and services.

Kin uses what is known as proof-of-human-work, which releases tokens to users as a reward for providing valuable services to the network.

Competitive Edge
The Rewards Engine (KRE) is what gives Kin apart from other cryptocurrencies. It rewards contribution and participation in the economy, rather than rewarding people simply for having large holdings of Kin. Other cryptocurrencies reward whoever can afford the most powerful mining machines or whoever owns a large number of coins. Instead, Kin will reward the people who help drive demand and grow the value of the Kin economy.

KIN’s economic model has never been attempted at a large scale. Most cryptocurrencies depend on achieving adoption and growth simply by delivering great technology and generating hype. Instead, the Kin model will create growth via incentivized participation. It will also result in widespread, mainstream adoption by offering other mainstream companies explicit rewards for finally bringing cryptocurrency into their products.

Development Roadmap
Q1 2018: Create a wallet for Kik users within Kik Messenger App.

Within the actual Kin wallet on the Kik Messenger you will be able to:

1) Deposit and withdrawal Kin
2) Earn Kin and spend Kin
3) Send chats to other Kin wallet users
4) Receive notifications
5) View Kin balance and also all transaction history

Kin Foundation results for an initial test run for Kin Wallet are in and the results are good.

Kin Wallet Test Results:

What happened when Kik interactive did a test run for the Kin wallet inside Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger users were able to create a Kin wallet within the Kik Messenger. A new Kin wallet was pre-loaded with 6,000 Kin. 41% of users simply created a wallet and that’s it. 40% of users created a wallet and earned more Kin by completing a poll. 19% of users created a wallet, earned more kin by completing a poll and spent some Kin purchasing stickers.

Will the Kik team be able to deliver on its release of a Kik wallet to all of its users by Q1 of 2018?

The achievement looks promising. The Kik team has already completed testing of the Kin wallet in the Kik Messenger app in the first month of Q1 2018. The major hurdle will be finding a blockchain that can handle the volume of Kin transactions within the Kik Messenger app. Securing a viable blockchain for Kin transaction volume may be the final implementation needed to complete and release Kik Messengers first ever Kin wallet for all users.

Q3 2018: Launch of Kin Rewards Engine Kin Rewards Engine


The project aimed to raise $125 million for the sale of one trillion KIN (10% of total supply) through a token sale in Sept. 2017.

The token sale was split between a pre-sale, where 487.80 billion (4.9%) tokens were sold.

Participants in the pre-sale received a 30% discount and $50 million was raised.

A public sale was launched aimed at selling the remaining 512.20 billion KIN for $75 million (in ether).

The exact amount raised during the public sale has not been disclosed but Etherscan indicates that the entire allocation was in fact minted.

The remaining amount of tokens are split between Kik, which received three trillion, or 30% of the total supply, and the Kin Foundation, which received six trillion, 60% of total supply.

Tokens held by Kik vest at a rate of 300 billion per quarter for the ten quarters following the end of the sale.

Foundation tokens are intended to be distributed through the Kin Rewards Engine, which has been split into 4.5 trillion for network participants and 1.5 trillion for marketing and other operational costs of the Kin foundation. These tokens are scheduled to be released into the network at a declining rate, with 20% of the remaining balance released each year.

The 200mil hard cap is expected to be reached in approximately 14 years. Out of this, Komodo holders who have addresses starting with ‘R’ will receive a 5% annual percentage rate (APR) bonus on their Komodo holdings until the 200 million supply limit is reached.

$50m confirmed at presale.
Additional $75m estimated raised at public sale.
Sept 2017


Creators / Founders

Ted Livingston 

Founder and CEO, Kik 

  • Founded Kik in 2009 
  • Named one of Fast Company’s most creative people 
Core Development Team

Peter Heinke
CFO and COO, Kik
Prior experience running finance and operations at Startups

Eran Ben-Ari
Chief product officer, Kik
Previously VP of products at Rounds

Dany Fishel
President, Kik Israel
Previously co-founder and CEO at Rounds

Erin Clift
Chief marketing officer, Kik
Previously VP of global marketing and partnerships at Spotify

Eileen Lyon
General counsel and chief compliance officer, Kik
Previously EVP and general counsel at Citizens Business Bank

Notable Advisors
Fred Wilson
Partner at Union Square Ventures

Uriel Peled
Co-founder and managing partner at CoinTree

Jake Brukhman
Co-founder and managing partner at CoinFund

Notable Investors
Union Square Ventures

Tencent, the owner of China’s messaging mammoth, WeChat, and the world’s fifth-largest internet company by revenue, invested $50 million into Kik in 2015 as evidence of their belief that Kik would lead the charge in the western world’s adoption of the WeChat model: where an ecosystem of mobile apps can turn every smartphone into a hub that powers the modern, digital economy.

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

KIN provides an interesting opportunity to see how well crypto integrates with an existing community/social user base. The 10 trillion coins they’ve created is questionable but with a lower total price on each coin perhaps users will be more inclined to use them more freely. There are many questions remaining and until a blockchain is decided and additional exchange listings happen, TCL will not be exploring KIN on the riskier smaller exchanges and the project has more stability.
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