Loopring (LRC)

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Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
962,226,312.63 LRC


Ring Mining
OKEx LRC/USDT $5,176,340 25%
IDAX LRC/BTC $2,298,150 11%
Binance LRC/BTC $2,051,920 10%
Loopring is a decentralised exchange and open protocol. It provides traders, participants, and institutions with a decentralized, automated trade execution system that intelligently implements their trades across the world’s crypto exchanges, shielding them from counterparty risk and reducing their trading costs.
Traders, Investors, and day to day users of crypto.
Kyber Network(KNC), Waves(WAVES), 0X(ZRX), BitShares(BTS)



Whitepaper Summary
As you would expect from this team both white papers, the technical version and simplified version, were as professional as you could ask for. After reading both papers it is clear why they released the non-technical version. The technical version is quite advanced but really does dig into what Loopring is trying to accomplish .
Problem Solved
Loopring solves issues with centralised Exchanges
Users first have to deposit their tokens onto the exchange in order to use the exchange leading to:

Lack of Security: In this model, users do not have control over their tokens. It allows for instant transactions on the exchange, albeit, while carrying a lot of risk.

Lack of Transparency: Anything can happen to a user’s tokens when they are held in exchange wallets. ie. hacks or exchanges folding.

Lack of Liquidity: Users are only able to trade within the exchanges own order pool and supported token pairs.

Risk: Loopring reduces counterparty threats and exchange risk. The tokens stay in the user’s wallet and are never locked by orders.

High Liquidity: Ring-matched orders provide increased liquidity on any trading pair.

Fairness: Loopring’s fee and discount model allows for fairness between all parties involved (Makers, Takers, Exchanges, and Miners).

Decentralised: No reliance on a centralised authority. The whole system is completely decentralized.

Competitive Edge
Loopring is clearly the most organised and driven project of it’s kind. The “Backers” section boasts partnerships with NEO Council, QTUM Foundation, SequoiaADB, and Fintech Blockchain Group.

Loopring is

Decentralized: Orders are automatically executed while trade’s funds remain under their control in a decentralized smart contract on the blockchain.

Order Sharing: Loopring mechanism allows to order break into small pieces, identifies the best exchanges and times to trade those pieces on, and applies game theoretic logic to optimise trading results. Loopring can also well protect trading from DDOS attack.

Cross-Chain Protocol: Loopring was designed to be blockchain agnostic. As long as a blockchain has smart-contract support, Loopring can be implemented, and all ERC20-like tokens on such a blockchain can be traded under Loopring.

Development Roadmap
In 2018 Loopring’s roadmap is quite ambitious and promising. Just touching the surface of the roadmap, Loopring expects to focus on iOS/Android mobile wallets, ring browser web sites, the WeChat mini-program, alternative relay implementations for Ethereum and relay implementation for NEO and QTUM. Additionally the road map presents plans to expand to more blockchains, increase research, and add more community support.


Successfully ran in August 2017.
Maximum Cap: 120,000 ETH
Minimum Cap: 50,000 ETH
Rate: 5,000 LRC / 1 ETH

50% sold to the public and 50% stayed within the project. The project’s 50% is broken down further. 40% of that will go to the team over the next 4years and the other 60% will be used for research, legal services, business development, communications and marketing.

$45 million
August 1, 2017 – August 16, 2017, approx $0.05-$0.07.


Creators / Founders
Daniel Wang -Founder
Google Tech Lead, Cofounder & VP of Yunrang Technology, Senior Engineering Director at JD.com, Cofounder & CEO of Coinport Exchange, Cofounder & VP of Hygene Online, Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology
Core Development Team
Jay Zhou -CMO
E&Y, PayPal Risk Operations, SJ Consulting Founder

Johnston Chen -COO
Chief Information Officer at 3NOD, Product Expert in Finance Industry.

Notable Advisors
Alex Cheng – Baidu VP, Google R&D Director;
Simon Zhu – PayPal APEC Ops Site Leader, Google Trust and Safety.
Bai Shuo – Supervisor of ChinaLedger, Supervisor of China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, Board Member of Chinese Information Processing Society of China, Professor at Fudan University, Senior Expert in Coding & Info, Cryptography & Info Security.
Jing Cao – Founder of Whiterock Fund, Upper90 Investment Fund Co-Fund
Yan Cao – Energy Blockchain Lab Co-Founder, Cinda Securities Blockchain Lab Head
Nian Duan – Huaxia Finance CEO, Huaxia Bank VP
Guo Xiaohu – Professor at University of Texas
Yipeng Guo – President of Huikentianran Private Equity Management
Juxie- YOYOW Co-Founder, Board Member of Bitshares
Haibin Gan – Chief Technique Advisor
Kelvin Long – President, Founder of UnionPay Smart
Xiang Jiangxu – Suning Group VP
Huaxia Xia- Scientist at Google and Meituan group
Xiao Jun – JD Group VP
Yu Wei – Microsoft Tech Business Partner
Mingcheng Zhang – Redpoint Ventures V
Notable Investors

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

Loopring is a great concept but at this point it seems to be nothing more than that. The concept and successful token sale are the most notable targets met. Several missed roadmap goals and a lack of publicity seem to have diminished interest. Even with the missed deadlines Loopring still has potential. The delays along the roadmap are something that can be expected in what appears to be one of the more complex cross-platform visions that out there.
If the talented team can hit their stride and meet the roadmap goals this year, Loopring will be taken to new levels.
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