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Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
60,844,772.43 PIVX


Nothing earth shattering in the cryptosphere at the moment. Check back soon!


Proof of Stake 3.0
Upbit PIVX/KRW $1,770,490 30%
Binance PIVX/BTC $1,596,350 26%
Bittrex PIVX/BTC $1,300,790 22%
The goal of PIVX is to achieve a decentralized sustainable crypto currency with near instant full-time private transactions, fair governance, and community intelligence.

Instant transactions, anonymity, secure, private, untraceable, selective transparency, dynamic scalability, freedom of payments, counterfeiting impossible, fraud resistant, no single point of failure, No % based transfer costs, free to hold.

PIVX manifesto expresses the intentions and policies of the project. They believe that privacy is a basic human right, and is non-negotiable. Sharing your personal information with others should be based on choices you make, not taken without your permission.
Here are a few community curated thoughts for use cases:
Vending machine retrofit kit
Point Of Sale app/kit
Version of BCTip.org
iOS Wallet
Android Wallet
Desktop Wallet
Slack TipBot Integration service
Paper Wallets (BIP38) as A4 paper sized ‘certificates’
Monero(XMR), DASH(DASH), Verge(XVG)



Whitepaper Summary
They don’t have a whitepaper, only a technical paper which doesn’t really constitute a whitepaper. In some way’s this is ok because their technical specifications seem very good on paper.
PIVX’s Manifesto Pillars:
Problem Solved
PIVX has taken lessons learned from the mistakes made by other coins, and created the next generation of digital currency. It is ten times faster than Bitcoin and more decentralized. It delivers greater security and will be untraceable and anonymous.
Competitive Edge
Currently it is the only large marketcap privacy coin using proof of stake as well as masternodes. This allows for a return on investment for holding a masternode as well as a reward for staking the PIVX tokens.

Zerocoin — The PIVX implementation of the Zerocoin protocol converts publicly viewable PIV into anonymous PIV (dubbed by the PIVX team as Zerocoin PIV or zPIV for short). More reading: ZCOIN

SwiftTX — SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes

Code Base: PoS 3.0 Bitcoin Core 0.10.x — PIVX is the first proof of stake cryptocurrency to be based on the version 0.10 or higher of the Bitcoin code base.
Masternodes — These are incentive based nodes that receive rewards based on their availability and their ability to offer network services in a decentralized and trust-less manner.

Development Roadmap
Top 8 developments of PIVX:
Deterministic zPIV Wallet
zPIV Staking (zPoS)
iOS Mobile Wallet
New QT Wallet Design
In Wallet Proposal Tab
In Wallet Voting Tab
Automatic backup on external storage devices
Ledger Hardware Wallet Masternode Collateral Support


No ICO held. It was a fork of DASH, originally called Darknet.
No pre-mining. No pre-sale.


Creators / Founders
No real names provided only Pseudonyms. No background available.
Core Development Team
They say that it is a community effort. This is from their website:
“The PIVX Team is comprised of community members. Very few are listed here. It is completely optional. However, anyone can have their profile listed here as long as they are a trusted member of the community and contribute regularly. Many prefer to maintain their privacy but want to be listed here so that people are aware of their skill set, and the groups they are involved in. If you would like to have your profile added, please reach out to the team in Discord.”

Chief Visionary – s3v3n h4cks

Notable Advisors
Notable Investors

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

The exceptional support, stable product and continued growth of PIVX stands out in the crowd of privacy coins. Although not much can be found about the founders and development team, perhaps that is because they live by their manifesto – Complete Anonymity!
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