Salt (SALT)

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Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
85,873,014.96 SALT


Nothing earth shattering in the crypto-sphere at the moment. Check back soon!


Ethereum Consensus – Currently Proof of Work, but will be Proof of Stake.

Binance SALT/BTC $5,790,540 48.56%
Huobi SALT/BTC $1,745,470  14.64%
Bittrex SALT/BTC $1,022,990 8.58%

SALT (Secured Automated Lending Technology) lets you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans. We make it easy to get money without having to sell your favourite investment.
The SALT Lending Platform is for:
Crypto holders who want to spend their capital and profit from price the appreciation of their holdings after their SALT loan is paid off.
People who do not have access to traditional credit lines.
Investors who previously did not have a way to lend their capital to a larger market.
ETHLend(LEND), WeTrust(TRST)



Whitepaper Summary
SALT has a very professional whitepaper. Considering the large financial purpose of the coin, one would expect to find a well-organised and information rich document; and SALT delivers. The purpose of the platform is explained incredibly well, to the point of being almost part of the lending contract. Detailed loan examples are presented to show in-depth use cases. Other elements such as project organisation and the SALT Platform roadmap are also explained in detail. Very professional and readable.
Problem Solved
Investors who have invested in BTC, ETH or other supported currencies as long term holders have their capital frozen in that crypto. With SALT, they can put their holdings in as collateral for a loan and receive local currency available for spending in any way the user sees fit. Monthly payments are made and when the loan is paid off, the deposited crypto is returned to user. Basically, with the combination of loan and saving opportunities, users can receive 80% of deposited crypto in fiat.

SALT Lending does not intend to liquidate any cryptocurrency generated from Membership revenue, they align themselves with the “hodl” ethos of the crypto community and will instead borrow against the company’s balance sheet. This is designed to emphasise SALT’s business model.

Competitive Edge
SALT was arguably the first lending cryptocurrency on the market. With that and significant marketing it has the fair share of the lending market currently, but it’s competitors in development and the ones with a current working product are pushing the technology and the services offered. SALT is believed to be able to be used as way to temporarily avoid capital gains taxes, whereas its competitors are lending in a way you cannot. With the increased regulations and access to crypto owner’s information this hardly seems like a competitive edge but it may be one of the few remaining for SALT if they cannot overcome their competition.
Development Roadmap
There is a minimal road map through 2018.
Q1 = ETH as collateral loans, development platform: API & Developer tools, loan fund launch.
Q2 = Launch credit cards
Q3 = Alt Coin as collateral loans, launch ALT foundation.


The SALT lending platform launched its ICO on August 15th 2017. They chose to use the model of increasing price rounds until amounts were sold at every level of price.

All participants of the SALT ICO had to be registered on the SALT platform and, if they wanted to invest more than 2000 USD, they had to complete automated ID verification. The SALT Team set the soft cap at 35 million USD and the hard cap at 48.5 million USD.
The SALT ICO ended on the same day, August 15th, 2017, with the hard cap goal of 48.5 million USD reached.

45% of the total SALT Tokens supply was sold during the 1 day long ICO. The other 65% have been secured by the team and project for use in further development and marketing.
$48.5 million USD
Round 1 = 2 million SALT @ 3
Round 2 = 1.5 million SALT @ 5 USD
Round 3 = 1 million SALT @ 7,5 USD


Creators / Founders
Shawn Owen, CEO – A serial entrepreneur with experience in management and ownership of enterprise operations. Shawn became involved with blockchain technology through his advocacy of Bitcoin in early 2011.
Core Development Team
Phil Cowan, CTO –17 years of experience in application architecture development and design solutions. Prior to acting as CEO of Ideas By Nature, he spent seven years as a web application developer and graphic designer at LSDi Consulting, Wombat Interactive and ASAP, Inc.
Ben Yablon, Chief Strategy Officer – 15 years of legal expertise centred on emerging financial technology platforms and regulatory compliance as a partner at Atlas Law Group.
Notable Advisors
Erik Voorhees as primary advisor.
Jon Shapiro as the blockchain advisor.
Michael Perklin as the blockchain security advisor.
Josh Datko for security.
Marion Keyes for tax.
Richard Levin as outside counsel.
Notable Investors

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

This is all very attractive in bull markets. In bear markets, margin calls will be frequent, and people will look to cut loses and run. Domino effect could destabilise the SALT ecosystem as money goes from coin market cap during big retractions. With mass adoption, their model will evolve and during bull markets it should thrive, while SALT token price should reflect that of BTC in any case. It is worth keeping a close eye on SALT as both a trading opportunity and a way to increase value of one’s portfolio.
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Nothing Earth-shattering at this time. Check back soon!!

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