Substratum (SUB)

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Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
251,584,925.64 SUB


Node supported decentralized internet
Binance SUB/BTC $10,222,400 92%
KuCoin SUB/BTC $700,000 5%
HitBTC SUB/BTC $40,625 0.3%
Substratum (SUB) wants to create a global internet infrastructure in which the users’ computer replaces centralised servers. Centralised servers and cloud services can easily be censored for content in areas of the world that have reasons to withhold information from their people.
Substratum’s target market is regular users of the internet with devices which are not using their resources (while sleeping or at work). Everyday users provide the power of their devices for the Substratum network (decentralized servers) which charges web page owners for using that network. Very ambitious idea which includes most of the world’s population in addition to existing web owners and potential web owners who have been unable to get to hosting services (because of the country the live in or inability to pay via bank for hosting services).
Nexus(NXS), Bluzelle(BLZ), SONM(SONM)



Whitepaper Summary
Substratum’s whitepaper provides a very good explanation for their vision and the plan they have for accomplishing it. Overall, it is more akin to an internal company project initiation template with added elements of a whitepaper which is seen in section 8. The Substratum project is founded by a software company that lays claim to more than 10 years of experience with software development. Unfortunately, the name of the company is not revealed and it is not so easy to verify that claim
Problem Solved
The current system for web hosting has servers (a file storage location that has to be connected to internet in order to be functional) which are operated by large centralised companies. These companies charge for the service of keeping this information online which is expensive and vulnerable to hacking because of the centralised nature of server clusters. The Substratum network solves this problem by introducing and utilising Peer to Peer blockchain technology within the data hosting sector, reducing cost and making it more secure in the process. – video
To optimise the network, Substratum’s team implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) for optimal network efficiency. The AI uses constant real time analytics of live data to identify and connect to the ideal node, so that content is served as quickly as possible to the end user.
Competitive Edge
Substratum has a unique approach and the a goal of decentralised internet for all as well as providing the most secure and efficient data storage available. Although there are other projects developing data storage or other form of decentralised internet, Substratum is tackling both and with a working product now available looks to be ahead of the curve.
Development Roadmap
Substratum has decided not to publish a roadmap as they don’t feel that making promises year or months ahead of time is realistic. They do have weekly updates with short term goals and a description of the work currently being.


The ICO was done through pre-sale, rounds, white list, and minimum participation requirement.
Fund Distribution
Product Awareness: 30%
Product Development: 60%
Network Infrastructure 10%
August 14, 2017 – September 14, 2017, 1SUB = $0.0817USD(0.00033 ETH)


Creators / Founders
US based software development firm who for the last 10 years has architected, developed and deployed software solutions for Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, Facebook, Disney, HP and others.
Core Development Team
Justin Tabb
Solutions Architect
Over the last 10 years Justin has lead development teams on projects such as,, Event Software for Facebook, Event Software for OpenStack, Theme Park Software for Disney, Election Software for 2008 Presidential Campaign and many many more.

Abram Cookson
Lead Software Developer
Husband, Father, Owner, Small Business Experienced, Idea Man, Consultant, Technical Lead, Application Developer, Architecture, Comedian
Specialties: Cloud Solutions, Agile, Modeling, Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, Web Standards

Jason Wollam
Senior Software Engineer
C#, ASP.NET, and ADO.Net including ASP.NET MVC 4, WinForm and Web API
for web services.
TDD and SOLID concepts for building scale-able OOP implementations.
JavaScript for full stack and browser based applications using Node.js and
common libraries.
Single Page & Front-end development using and MVVM JavaScript with

Kevin Marois
Senior Software Engineer
Over 30 years of professional software development experience, including client-server enterprise level applications, retail, POS, and military use applications.

Jason Burns
Design Lead
Head of Design with 10+ years of design experience of eye catching campaigns withhigh conversion rates and software design for systems that maximize ergonomics and ease of use.

Michael Stockwell
Michael is the owner of FizzPow Games, the creator of Bitcoin Billionaire, an accomplished developer and an experienced cryptocurrency investor and is serving as an advisor for Substratum

Notable Advisors
Michael Stockwell and Luke Bixler
Notable Investors

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Substratum is trying to tackle a huge problem that we are facing in society today, which is fair distribution and preventing the censorship of content, in a secure way. Substratum is attempting to tackle these problems in a unique way that no other current service is able to offer in areas of extreme censorship, such as China. Substratum is truly helping pioneer the path for peer to peer transfer of information. Substratum is definitely a project we will be keeping a close eye on, as just like with so many other projects within the cryptocurrency space, it has yet to be fully implemented publicly.
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