Fundamental Fire Pit

Technical Analysis is a HUGE part of figuring out the market and trade setups, however, each coin is still at the mercy of it’s fundamentals. The best trade setups in the world can be destroyed in a heart beat by some bad press or crazy incident with the coin’s team. Trade Crypto Live always recommends that you DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before taking any trade… and doing your own research can take a lot of time and energy you just do not have. Researching a coin can take days, sifting through whitepapers, sites, forums, and trying to figure out what is real news and what is fake. That is why Trade Crypto Live is doing the work for you and offering the Fundamental Fire Pit!

Our Fundamental Fire Pit offers:

The background and basics of our ever growing list of coins, from ICO and Coin Utility information, to their team and investors
Up to the minute price and market change
Latest news on each coins company and team
A review by our experts on the fundamentals of each coin and what to look for in the future

Don’t let the valuable time you could be using to train be taken up with hours upon hour of boring research. We are continuously adding coins and features, from the latest ICO’s to forums for discussion and new, you can be confident that the information you get from our Fundamental Fire Pit is vetted and true.